Atlantic Slave Data Network

The Atlantic Slave Data Network (ASDN) is a database of information on the identities of enslaved people in the Atlantic World. ASDN collates data on individual slaves meticulously collected by researchers over the past 20 years. Reviewed by an Advisory Board of experts, datasets include among other information the names, ethnicities, skills, occupations, and illnesses of slaves. The collections reveal much about slave life in the New World and about African slaves’ lives in parts of the Old World.

The initial phase of the ASDN will establish a best practice methodology for how to structure the database to handle datasets containing descriptions of slaves. Phase I will culminate in a freely accessible website with tools that allow researchers to better visualize and analyze the material in database

Principle Investigators:

Gwendolyn Hall
Adjunct Professor in the MSU Department of History

Walter Hawthorne
Professor of History and Chair of the MSU Department of History

Catherine Foley
Project Manager, MATRIX

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