Process for evaluating articles

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  1. Receipt of manuscript and acknowledgement of its receipt to the author.
  2. Identification of possible evaluators – usually two – based on the criteria of the editor in consultation with one or more members of the Editorial Board or in consultation with the Board during its meeting each semester.
  3. Sending of the manuscript without the author’s name to the evaluators.
  4. Receipt of the evaluation with the evaluator’s recommendations. The recommendations may be the following: Accepted as submitted; Accepted on the condition that the revisions signaled by the evaluator on this sheet are made; Rejected.
  5. If both evaluations are negative, the manuscript is not accepted for publication.
  6. If there are discrepancies between the assessments of the evaluators, the manuscript is submitted to a third evaluator who is selected in the same way as the previous ones. The decision to publish is based on the majority opinion of the evaluators.
  7. Sending of a letter to the author with the anonymous evaluations and informing of the decision to publish or not publish according to the evaluations.